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Looking for a new community to play in?

trek_blog is for Star Trek fans who like to write straight fan fiction in character. We'd love to have you aboard!

If you'd like to join this community, please check the character list below and decide on a character you'd like to play that isn't already taken, then create a journal for that character and apply under that ID.

As of 09/25/05 the characters of B'Elanna Torres, Chakotay, Pavel Chekov, Beverly Crusher, Wesley Crusher, Damar, Data, Jadzia Dax, Dr. Richard Daystrom, Garak, James Kirk, Kathryn Janeway, Kes, Harry Kim, Ro Laren, Geordi LaForge, Leonard McCoy, Kira Nerys, Tom Paris, Mirror Universe Phlox, Phlox, Jean Luc Picard, Q, Quark, Hoshi Sato, Seska, Seven of Nine, Spock, Deanna Troi, Tuvok, Weyoun, Kasidy Yates and Tora Ziyal are taken.

Again, please check the community info for available characters if you are joining after this date. See you there! :)
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