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Chekov Across Media- Fan Perceptions and Alternative Realities

I am writing a thesis on how fandom changes characters across media. Specifically, I am using Pavel Chekov as an example.

If you could spend a few minutes of your free time answering these
questions, I would appreciate it. Use as much space as you would like.

Thank you for helping me with my paper! If I quote you, you'll be
credited, of course., and perhaps published!

Also, any samples of fiction you'd like to include as evidence is very
very welcome.

Responses can be posted here, or e-mailed to


Describe your Chekov physically.

Describe his mental state, what makes him tick? What is important to him?

Discuss his sexuality. What is his history in relationships?

What does Chekov mean to you? What emotional attachment do you have to
him, if any?

Compare and contrast your Chekov to Chekov of the Original series,
ST:1-6, and the 2009 movie.

Anything else you want to add:


Thank you in advance!
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