Idic Writer (formerly Trekwriter) (idic_writer) wrote in chekovs_realm,
Idic Writer (formerly Trekwriter)

Open Invite To Writers!

Starbase Karma, the sci fi and time travel club that features a new episode each week, is now actively seeking new writers (members and non) to help pen its “Historical Documents”. You read that right, that’s a reference from the movie Galaxy Quest—and that should give you some idea of the kind of writing we’re looking for: fun, bold, adventurous and completely implausible!

Starbase Karma is not your usual deep space station. Tucked away in a bubble in time, the station and its crew monitor the timeline and work to repair impending breaches. Sound like fun?

Here’s how to get started:

1) Read the first two Historical Documents, found at this webpage:

2.) Create a character profile—or heck, more than one! Start with our template here:
(Click the file reading “Sample Character Profile”).

3.) And remember, it’s ok to write others’ characters into your plotlines—just don’t kill anyone else’s character! (We’re having fun here, right?)

4.) Submit your character profile and introduction scene to Joy Jones, Commanding Office at

Hope to see you writing with us soon!
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